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August 2015

Stevenage Council are planning to bulldoze the Bowes Lyon House Skate Park - my / our home for many many years - and there is a petition (which is gathering a lot of momentum) to save it - please take a moment to sign it!!



The purpose of these pages is to show my skateboarding photographs, taken between (roughly) 1989 – 1994 around Hertfordshire and beyond.

It was during these years that my friends (Tim, Jez, Pete) and I would skate all the time and often we would travel long distances to do it – skateparks, mini ramps or sometimes just somewhere we were told there was a cool handrail or bank.

Mostly though, we were local boys and that meant Knebworth Park, Bowes Lyon in Stevenage or The Pioneer in St. Albans.

So why am I showing these pictures now?

I was taking my A level and then eventually my Degree in photography so I always had my camera with me – after a while I wouldn’t go skating without it – ‘cos you never know what would happen that day and I always loved to document what we did and where we went. Not many people were taking any pics of our scene….

After some prompting (15 years worth of prompting if I’m honest) from people who used to skate the same places who really wanted to see the pictures I decided to get my act together and share as many of them on this website as I could. I rarely took the prints to the parks so nobody ever got to the see the pictures and it seems like an awful waste to have them sitting in boxes in the loft.

Where possible I’ve named the person / people in the pictures but there is a lot of people that I photographed who I didn’t know – so if you wanna drop me an email to help fill in the blanks I’d be more than happy to update the site. Also, my memory is pretty bad (booze + age = ??) so I may have some of the years wrong too!

Likewise If there is a picture of you on here that you don’t want anyone to see then I’ll take it off! My contact details are (unsurprisingly) on the “contact” page.

If there is one of you and you'd like a print of it feel free to drop me an email.

The photographs on these pages are scanned from prints, mostly from 35mm film. I have, literally, thousands of prints and there is no way I’ll ever get them all on here, but I’ll do my best to share as many of them as I can. It’ll be a long process to get them up here so bear with me and check back once in a while.

If enough people are interested I’ll start a mailing list so I can tell people when the site has been updated.

I hope you enjoy looking through the website and that the memories of these places are as happy for you as they are for me. These were good years and (I think) amongst the most important in the formation of modern skateboarding – so worth sharing I think.

I still (just about) manage a session once in a while. Even though the old places are long gone there are other places to skate and it’s so odd seeing councils building skateparks for kids these days instead of tearing them down as they started doing in the 90’s – a good step forward but the history is important. I guess this website is a way of keeping those long gone parks and ramps alive.

So please spread the word about this website and if you are still in touch with people from the day then send ‘em this way.


August 2012

Footnote, August 2013
It's been a year since I'd put this website up and the response from folk has been really cool - thanks for stopping by. Not much news on locating the rest of the pictures yet but I'll keep looking!

Dave Allen, Stevenage Bowes Lyon House, circa 1989

front pg

Tony Hawk, Leigh-on-Sea circa 1991


Pete Dossett, Stevenage


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